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Energy Reading on 6/13/13

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Energy Reading on 6/13/13 follows:

On this day of 6/13/13:  Current energy flow comes primarily from North wisdom with buffering from East beginnings and flowing into the South growth.  West clearing accepts attention placidly while Above guidance and Below support stand together by the side, clearly available but not obtrusive.

Message: candle

Standing for oneself does not exclude assisting others.  Listen to the intuition and it will guide the decisions of when to act and when to wait.  When a load is clearly overburdening step in.  When a cry goes out, listen.  Aid the injured gently and with awareness that you are assisting, not assuming their path.  Then stay upon your own path for you must find assistance and support along the way as well.

Many paths will soon seem to have altered dramatically, perhaps even appear to turn completely around.  Be cautious of not seeing the path moving on by perceptions of directionality.  Feel the shifts in the energy currents and continue upon the path ahead of you.  Let your guidance be heard with quiet composure.  Wisdom is leading to Growth for all.



Note:  Energy moves at various rates and reasons.  By reading the directions the energy is flowing, it is possible to gain understanding of the world around us.  Energy moves like the wind, but not always in a linear fashion.  Energy deals with matter in its own way, sometimes being averted by its presence and other times flowing on through it as if it were not there at all.  The level of energy can influence this, as can the type of energy, that is, to what degree is it purely energy and to what degree might it be materialized.  These readings pick up what I am able to grasp at this time and will likely grow as I understand more.  Blessings.

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