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Energy Reading of 6/19/13

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Energy Reading of 6/19/13

The Energy Reading of 6/19/13 follows:  East beginnings flow with South growth that is bearing offerings that one is urged by North wisdom to take.  Flowing into West clearing which clears the path ahead to a degree that has not been opened in quite some time.  Above guidance walks alongside and Below support lifts above the mainstream.  North wisdom flows alternately in give and take; the more one walks with wisdom, the more wisdom walks with one.

Message:    natural bridge

This is an active space and time, active with beginnings and offers of growth and a cleared path ahead.  Shed the mask of control and ignorance.  All possess wisdom beyond the mundane.  It is time to walk in that wisdom even if it means leaving the mundane completely.  In truth the mundane is another way of saying that which no longer serves.  What does not feed your soul will never satisfy the body.  Regain your own steps and proceed.  None need walk alone, but if solitude gets you where you are going, let it be.  No need to keep living the way you always have.  The life in the next room doesn’t live that way and will not support it.  Know where you are along the way and live in that energy.  Energy flow is movement that may calm and reflect, but it continues rather than regresses into shadows.  Potential energy is false.  That is void awaiting the energy flow.

Awaken the voids in your life now.  What wonder lies there?



Note:  Energy moves at various rates and reasons.  By reading the directions the energy is flowing, it is possible to gain understanding of the world around us.  Energy moves like the wind, but not always in a linear fashion.  Energy deals with matter in its own way, sometimes being averted by its presence and other times flowing on through it as if it were not there at all.  The level of energy can influence this, as can the type of energy, that is, to what degree is it purely energy and to what degree might it be materialized.  These readings pick up what I am able to grasp at this time and will likely grow as I understand more.  Blessings.

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