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Energy Reading for 5/9/13

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Energy Reading for 5/9/13 follows:

The energy reading now is not about directions and will continue directly to the message.

Message:   card

The success with which now you remove your masks and costumes and come forth from your façades of shelter will determine your ability to return to center when the shift begins.  As the moon walks between the Earth and Sun she offers you a chance to see yourself in the new direction.  Remain in and under cover and you may not be recognized as one who belongs to the center and therefore released to continue on away to another galaxy or to simply wander until something finds you to claim as servant to earn your way into that other space.

The return to center is not to be confused with repeating the past.  It is part of a growth path that is analogous to inhalation following a complete exhalation.  You must come back in or leave. Find your integrity and practice it fully.  Hear your heart beat and your breath pulse.  Feel the sight you might usually refuse.  Release the baggage for it is exhalation.

Let it go.  Be your self.  Get out of the way of others for they may be leaving or letting go for themselves.  Watch the Light begin to shine as you have not witnessed in many lifetimes.


Note:  Energy moves at various rates and reasons.  By reading the directions the energy is flowing, it is possible to gain understanding of the world around us.  Energy moves like the wind, but not always in a linear fashion.  Energy deals with matter in its own way, sometimes being averted by its presence and other times flowing on through it as if it were not there at all.  The level of energy can influence this, as can the type of energy, that is, to what degree is it purely energy and to what degree might it be materialized.  These readings pick up what I am able to grasp at this time and will likely grow as I understand more.  Blessings.

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