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Energy Reading for 5/8/13

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Energy Reading for 5/8/13 follows:

Energy flows from South growth, West clearing, North wisdom and Above guidance in to East beginnings and Below support.  Clear messages may be found in the East beginnings. All that flows leads in this direction.


Specific directions and messages may be available now.  Follow or heed the messages found there to move along the path to a new stage of enlightened being.  Whether given a direction to proceed, a person to meet with, or a practice to begin, do that thing and watch an unfolding that answers many questions.

Let yourself move.


Note:  Energy moves at various rates and reasons.  By reading the directions the energy is flowing, it is possible to gain understanding of the world around us.  Energy moves like the wind, but not always in a linear fashion.  Energy deals with matter in its own way, sometimes being averted by its presence and other times flowing on through it as if it were not there at all.  The level of energy can influence this, as can the type of energy, that is, to what degree is it purely energy and to what degree might it be materialized.  These readings pick up what I am able to grasp at this time and will likely grow as I understand more.  Blessings.

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