Crystal Attributes













“A common prize is no less a prize.  That is how it became common.”

• manifest and attract:  Creativity, Happiness, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• hardness (Mohs scale): 6.5 – 7

• a microcrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony

• protection from bad dreams, stress and energy drains


• upset stomach; strength to carry on: harden gums



“Know your heart and let it lead your way.”

• manifest and attract home, creativity, happiness (agate) “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   blu lace ag

• SiO2

• hardness: 7

• Heart support

• soft and clear communication

• calm in the storm


“When all around you seems chaotic, learn the art of play and you will see chaos is only serious for those who cannot let go of their version of structure.”

• manifests and attracts:  Honesty, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  crazy lace ag

• hardness: 6.5 – 7

• microcrystalline quartz, banded chalcedony often infused with iron and aluminum

• “Laughter Stone”,  Happy Lace

• mental agility

• liveliness

• helps to overcome fear of spiders and crawling insects

• associated with “web of fate”, useful for ghost hunting or visiting old places to prevent sudden fears or negative energy, allowing one to see past worlds and spirits

• promotes inner stability

• protection amulet when traveling, especially effective avoiding traffic accidents


• improves tissue metabolism; elasticity of blood vessel walls, preventing varicose veins; depression; despair



“Roots deep into the soil, branches deep into the sky, A way to ground, a way to fly.”

• birthstone:  May/Gemini/Capricorn   Dendretic Tree Agate

• hardness: 6.5 – 7

• ancients wore agates to bring God’s favor

• enhance courage and gentleness

• improve memory

• removes negative energies

• cure insomnia/bring pleasant dreams



“Fire steels the iron will.  Commit with care, then stand strong.”

• manifest and attract creativity, happiness (agate) “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   Fire Agate

• hardness: 6 – 7

• formed in volcanic period, saturated with silica and iron oxide

• protection stone that “will put your feet to the coals”

• stimulate vitality

• open base chakra

• inner knowledge to resolve problems

• overcoming addictions/destructive desires or practices


• stomach, nervous and endocrine systems

• strengthen night vision

• reduce hot flashes

AGATE. MOSS (Mocha Stone)

“As moss covers shady grounds, so do I deal with coverage of shady grounds of the soul.”

• manifest health, creativity, happiness (agate) “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   Moss Agate

• birthstone :  Aquarius

• emotional balancer

• release anger and bitterness

• abundance stone


• sensitivity to weather/pollution

• successful birthing

• speed recovery

• counteract long-term illnesses

• cleanse circulatory/elimination systems


“Walk a path of serenity.”

• manifest and attract:  concentration, learning, womanhood,


“Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• green variety of microcline feldspar

• hardness (Mohs scale):  5 – 6

• chakras:  4 & 5, heart & throat

• soothing, breeds confidence and hope

• calming


• communications

• throat issues with heat

• feet and hands – nerves and skin



“If you wake one morning to see your life path, do not hesitate with a promise to follow it tomorrow.”

• manifest and attracts unconditional love “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   amegreen

• hardness: 7

• silicon dioxide (SiO2) with impurities of iron

• brings together the physical and spiritual to heal

• attracts prosperity

• protects from intoxication


“Breathe deep, let go and fly from the cages you have created for yourself.”

• manifest and attract:  growth, spirituality, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   amethyst2

• birthstone:  February, Sagittarius, Aquarius & Pisces

• violet variety of quartz

• hardness (Mohs scale):  7, less with impurities

• offers assistance with addictions

• headache relief

• stone of protection

• opens to psychic paths, but does not determine which you may be on

• assists with focus issues

• clears air in space and beings


“Truth is where we are, even if you close your eyes to it.”  

• manifest and attract:  children, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   angelite

• CaSO4

• hardness: 3.5

• when exposed to water, transforms to gypsum

• speaks with the voices of angels

• speaks of always the next step

• speaks from the heart

• speaks of where you have been and where your path leads

• heals the strains of evolution

• dispels fear, anger and anxiety

• encourages forgiveness

• alleviates psychological pain

• counteracts cruelty


• supports the throat, alleviating inflammation and balancing the thyroid and parathyroid; repairs tissue; corrects blood deficiencies; helps to renew blood vessels; balances fluids; can act as a diuretic; useful in weight control; relates to lungs and arms; can be used for headaches, heart function, circulatory system and infectious diseases; balances physical body with etheric realms


“Wake up, calm down; balance yourself, then proceed.”


• phosphate material

• used by biological micro-environmental systems

• hardness:  5 (defining mineral)

• traces were found in moon rocks, leading to speculation of water on the moon

• assists one regain an appetite for life

• eases sorrow, apathy and anger


• Bones; teeth; joints; digestive issues; hydration; appetite issues; hypertension; glands, meridians and organs


“Bright, bright days ahead, no matter where your feet are now.”

• manifest and attract inspiration – “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   aquamarine t

• birthstone: March, Scorpio, Pisces

• blue beryl

• hardness:  7.5 – 8

• trust, harmony, friendship


• sore throats, swollen glands, thyroid

• regulates hormones

• boosts immune system


“Lift up your heart.  Speak only of what you want, not what you fear.”

• manifest and attract:  career, release,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   aventurine - raw

• birthstone: May

•  quartz with platy mineral inclusions, including pyrite, or fuchsite

• hardness: 6.5

• all-purpose healer

• reduces stress

• develop confidence

• increases creativity


Trademarked name for a clear to white quartz mined in North Carolina and Vermont.”



“A kiss from the Earth deserves affection and care in return.”

 • aggregates of barite (barium sulfate), crystals and sand whose iron content gives them a reddish hue   barite rose

• official state rock of Oklahoma

• hardness (Mohs scale):  3 – 3.5

• Earth healing stone

• bear energy

• Cherokees – blood of the braves/tears of maidens


“Release your martyrdom for it serves you not.”

• manifests and attracts: courage, pregnancy, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe    bloodstone

• birthstone: March, Aries

• form of chalcedony (green) with iron oxide (red) or plasma (yellow)

• hardness (Mohs scale): 6.5 – 7

• increases flow of life energy

• blood cleanser

• encourages selflessness and idealism

• reduces irritability


• anemia; detox of liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder; inflammations and infections; leukemia and other blood disorders


“Perhaps what you think you know is not all you know.”

• a variety of fuchsite

• encourages advancement of heart desires    budstone

• can provide insights and visions from ancient civilizations

• stimulates the Kundalini

• reveals deceit and truth


• disorders of the reproductive system; combat dizziness; harmonize circulatory and respiratory systems



“As vast as the seas I am, I offer you life.”   

• manifests and attracts:  Past Life Memory Recall, Reduce Stress,   “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   calcites

• a carbonate mineral, most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate -CaCO

• hardness (Mohs scale): 3

• common constituent of sedimentary rocks, limestone in particular

• often a primary constituent of shells and marine organisms; plankton, echinoderms, some red algae and sponges

• amplifier and cleanser of various types of energy


“Flow smoothly through the journey that is your life.”

• manifest and attract: modifying excesses, reduces stress, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  blu calc

 • assists astral travel

• calming stone


• stimulates metabolism; strengthens immune system; stabilizes heart rhythm; lowers blood pressure; dissolves pain


“Level the field and stop blocking others or allowing others to block you.”

• amplifies and cleanses energy from the environment

• shows a path to higher consciousness

• absorbs energy and returns it to the sender transmuted and amplified   citrine:honey calcite

• instills mental alertness


• dissolves pain; lowers blood pressure; stomach, kidney, pancreas and liver disorders



“Breaking hearts can destroy a life, unless that life knows how to birth from the experience, something you can never know until it happens.”

• manifests and attracts: reduce stress, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   green calc

• healers’ stone

• draws money and other wealth

• assists in dissolving old, rigid belief systems

• restores mind balance

• aids transition from a stagnant to a positive environments and situations


• heart, thymus, chest, shoulders, lower lungs, heartburn, nervous tics, stammering, neurosis, arthritis and joint pain, kidney, bladder, general pain, tumors and other malignancies, infections of the lungs, throat and sinuses, endocrine system, emotional and mental issues



“Clarify your meanings.  See the depth of all that you communicate.”

manifests and attracts:  Past Life Memory Recall, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   iceland spar

•  has double refraction of light (splits images)

• Viking’s sunstone

• amplifies images and helps one to see double meanings

• Clarity, insight, and forgiveness


• reduce tension; heals eyes; relief for migraine headaches


“Release the need to control your world and you may find it is a much more wonderous place to be. “

• manifest and attract: balance, reduce stress “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   mangano calc

•  release from grief

• stone of forgiveness

• aids self-worth and self-acceptance


• nervous conditions, traumas or assault



“Life is juicy!  Go out and live!”

• manifests and attracts: reduce stress, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   orange calc

• restores mental and emotional balance

• offers protection

• increase physical energy

• moves stuck energy


• reproductive system, intestines, IBS, kidneys, chronic fatigue, calcium intake and assimilation



“Dear Father, I walk with Your feet.  I walk blindly and therefore I walk with compassion for all.”

• manifests and attracts: reduce stress, safety, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   red calc

• detoxifies and re-energizes

• speaks of “Eternal Blood”


• tones blood; cleans circulatory system; assists in recovery from alcoholism and other detoxification processes; soothes imbalances which bring on fatigue and exhaustion; all physical healing due to relationship with base (#1) chakra



“Love.   This is all there is and it shines best unabused with ignorance of this very truth.  Go back to Love.”

• manifests and attracts:  Past Life Memory Recall, Reduce Stress,   “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   white calc

• amplifies and cleanses energy from environment

• restores motivation

• accelerates growth and development

• raises consciousness

• absorbs energy, returns to sender transmuted and amplified

• cleanses auric field and chakras

• stone of new beginnings


• dissolve pain; lower blood pressure; harmonizes body’s assimilation of calcium; detoxifier; antiseptic; useful for past life healing situations


“Hold no secrets, tell no lies, and clarity is yours.”

carnelian• birthstone: Leo, Virgo

• manifest and attract generosity, creativity, happiness (agate) “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• hardness (Mohs scale): 6 – 7

• chalcedony with iron oxide impurities

• clears space and matter

• boosts energy flow


“Access the Angelic Realm through the angelic energy that flows within and about you.”

• manifests and attracts:  Angels, Prayer, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   celestite

• mineral consisting of strontium sulfate

• strontium is used in fireworks

• largest known geode is 35 feet in diameter (Put-in-Bay, OH)

• hardness (Mohs scale):  3 – 3.5

• calming and uplifting

• aids mental clarity

• angelic and spirit guide connections

• use to remember dreams

• improves astral travel to pre-determined destinations

• Aqua Aura quartz was developed in part due to the exhaustion of the blue celestite finds


• ease stress; prevent diseases brought on by worry; improve eyesight; promote eloquence; ease pain of sore throat; aid functioning of thyroid; relieve digestive problems; eliminate toxins



“Take no one statement as the total communication.  Keep listening.”

• manifests and attracts:  Memory,   “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   chalcopyrite

• a copper iron sulfide mineral

• hardness (Mohs scale):  3.5 – 4

• connects with higher spiritual and mystical realms

• clears energy blockages at crown chakra

• insights of ancient civilizations on other planets

• stone of abundance/money manifesting


• have near during acupuncture or other energy-based treatments; helps to integrate energy flow; moves chi/qi; heals viral and bacterial infections and fevers; respiratory problems; may stimulate hair growth; relieves the pressure of growths and sometimes constricts the growth; aid healing of brain related issues


“Give nothing and get justification for it.  Give all, and get much more than you dreamed.”

• manifests and attracts:  transformation, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   charoite

• rare silicate mineral named for the Chara River (Russia)

• hardness (Mohs scale):  5 – 6

• Mongols boil charoite in tea on special feast days

• transforms negative emotions

• stone of inspiration

• allows one to see clearly

• release from victimization


• headaches; liver problems; alcohol detoxification; cramps; heart problems; eye problems; nerves; protection from radiation


“Cross your heart and hope to Live.”

• manifests and attracts:  boundaries, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   chiastolite

• a variety of andalusite with the “cross” inclusion of graphite

• hardness (Mohs scale):  7.5

• protection

• harmony

• enhances the intellect

• helps clear emotional baggage


• lessen fevers; treat blood disorders; rheumatism; blood pressure; depression; anxiety; stress; guilt


“None know me better, for I speak from the heart.”

• manifests and attracts:  release, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  chrysocolla

• a minor ore of copper

• hardness (Mohs scale):  2.5 – 3.5

• strengthens the body’s resistance

• brings calm where there is upset


• infections; detox liver; lower blood pressure; cools fevers; speed burn recovery; cramps


“Lay down the promises of poverty.  Earth is abundant and all may share.”

chrysoprase• manifests and attracts:  love, relationships,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• birthstone:  May, June, Gemini

• a gemstone variety of chalcedony with small amounts of nickel

• hardness (Mohs scale): 7

• soothing

• friendly

• spiritual protection

• prevents depression

• increases grace and equilibrium

• increased fertility

• tranquilizing effect that allows subconscious thought to rise and be seen

• banishes greed

• carry or wear to summon prosperity/money

• protects against negative thoughts of others

• allows one to tap into inner strength and courage, use it wisely


• strengthens eyes; staunching the blood; relive rheumatism; speed wound healing  (Keep near body, but not directly on the wound.)


“Pay attention to your state of being.  Let your physical being educate your thoughts.”


common ore of mercury (can be toxic to humans – do not ingest- wash hands after use)

• hardness:  2 – 2.5

• used in traditional Chinese medicine to clear away heat and tranquilize the mind.

• Merchants’ Stone”

• awakens mystic vision

• stone of transformation – magic, alchemy and healing

• enhanced communication

• inspired thought


• heals and purifies the blood; imparts strength and flexibility to the physical body; stabilizes weight; enhances fertility; assists in treating fungal and viral infections



“Blossoms aplenty come from a rich Earth.  The Earth is prosperous.”

• manifests and attracts:  Lost and Found, Money, New Beginnings,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• hardness:  7

• orange “citrine” are man-heated amethyst   citrines

• artificial crystals grown in an iron-bearing solution turn out yellow

• “stone of the mind”, enhances mental clarity

• “Merchants’ Stone”

• dissipates negative energy

• clears unwanted/negative entities/energies from surroundings

• helps generate stability in all areas

• general protection

• brings happiness

• reduces self-destructive tendencies

• helps eliminate fears caused by others’ ideas and suggestions


• digestion; endocrine and digestive systems; thyroid; heart; kidney; liver; muscles; strength; circulatory system; tissue regeneration; immune system; diabetes; fibromyalgia; relieve depression, self doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings; eliminating sleep disturbances, including nightmares; removing toxins and overcoming addictions


“There is always another path to follow, even if it seems covered and unclear.  Adventure can then be your friend.”

• a monoclinic pyroxene mineral   diopside

• hardness (Mohs):  5.5 – 6.5

• expands love on every level

• open the mind to learning new concepts

• assists exploration of connection within Nature that include humans

• fosters recognition of personal strengths with humility


• assist regeneration following surgery or physical trauma; calming for menopause; aids healing after heart attack/heart troubles; helps regeneration/healing for lungs from damage of smoking once the habit is stopped



“Find balance in all activities of mind and body and the emotions will balance easier.”

• calcium magnesium carbonate  dolomite2

• hardness (Mohs); 3.5 – 4;

• assists with emotional balance and calm

• harmonizes the energy of the environment

• stimulates original thinking

• relieves sorrow


• stimulate metabolism of calcium and magnesium; stabilizes heart/circulation; dissolves cramps



“Seek truth with more than the eye.”

• a fibrous variably colored aluminum boro-silicate mineral   Dumortierite

• hardness (Mohs): 7

• sometimes mistaken for sodalite or lapis lazuli

• used in manufacture of high grade porcelain

• calming, brings patience

• a learning stone that aids memory, mental discipline

• aids mental abilities in dealing with difficult situations and people by helping one stand up for oneself

• stimulates psychic or prophetic vision


• helps one to see the true cause of dis-ease, therefore allowing better choice of treatment; aids with wasting disease


“Luck is nothing more than realizing what you seek is there all along.”

• manifest and attract:  Fame, Success, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  emerald

• birthstone for Taurus and Cancer

• a variety of the mineral beryl with traces of chromium

• hardness (Mohs):  7.5 – 8

• travelers protection stone

• stone of successful love

• brings in positive actions, eliminating negativity, enhancing ability to   enjoy life to the fullest


• relieves backache; strengthens eyes, heart, muscular, immune and nervous systems; detoxifying for liver; alleviates diabetes and rheumatism


“I will show you more of what you have until you see that it helps or harms you.  Then you can change as you choose.”

•  a calcium aluminum iron sorosillicate mineral   epidote

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 7

• Greek “ epidosis” means addition

• “more of the same” energy


• strengthens immune system; stimulates liver function; helps overcome weakness and exhaustion following influenza

“Flow is impeded upon the dense physical plane.  Best to use this externally, not ingested.  Let your aura synthesize the flow and apply it to your life and body.”

• manifest and attract:  Family (pink), Growth (green), Health, Hope,

(rainbow), Inspiration (purple), “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   fluorites

• a halide mineral composed of calcium fluoride

• hardness (Mohs): 4 (defining)

• State Mineral: Illinois

• Latin root: fluo, “to flow” as in a stream or flow of water

• cleanses and stabilizes the aura

• grounds excessive energy

• absorbs and neutralizes destructive energy and stress

•  increases powers of concentration

• helps decision-making

• balances energies


•  boosts immune system; stimulates the regeneration and restructuring of cells and DNA, specifically in the skin and respiratory tract; heals ulcers and wounds; strengthens bone tissue;  alleviates rheumatism, arthritis, and spinal injuries; lessens discomfort of shingles and other nerve-related pain;



“Coolly intense, highly intuitive, ready to enact all thought energy.”

In addition to above:   blue flour

• specific healing for throat

• directed aid for communication, spoken, written, and body




“Remover of obstacles; clearer of clutter.”

In addition to above:

• clears all areas, creates clear flow




“Soothing knowledge and wisdom of the ways of the world.”

In addition to above:   green fluorite

• brings hormones into balance

• harmonizes and recharges all chakras

• clears flow though heart and lung systems and organs



“We have more than one task to accomplish together.”

In addition to above:

• merge attributes of colors included



“Let the heart be clear and strong.”

In addition to above:   pink fluorite

• opens the flow for emotions of love

• uplifting to the soul




“Let the mind be but a stone along the path to awareness.”

In addition to above:   purple fluor

• clears “visions” from Beyond, including assisting to identify source for such vision

• clears “dust” from perspective




FLUORITE (RAINBOW) (violet/green/blue)
“No more excuses.”

In addition to above:   rainbow fluor sm

• heals on three levels, spiritual, emotional, mental





“Clear not only the soul, but the community it lives within.”

In addition to above:   yellow fluor

• clears and brings balanced flow to liver and spleen

• brings physical awareness of energy and intellect




“Listen to the Earth and receive that which you seek to move along the path.”

• manifest and attract: Understanding, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   fuchsite

• a chromium-rich variety of muscovite

• hardness (Mohs): 2–3

• muscovite is used for fireproofing and insulation materials

• a mineral of rejuvenation and renewal

• helps spark the joy and sweetness of inner child

• contributes to mental/emotional balance and tranquility

• deepens compassion, understanding and acceptance

• holds information on holistic/herbal remedies

• increases the energy of other crystals/ helps transfer their energy


•  enhances tissue and cellular regeneration; improves recuperative abilities; influences immune system; helps to overcome co-dependency; stabilizes spinal column alignment; increases flexibility in musculoskeletal system; treats repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome; balances red and white blood cell ration


“Patience rewards with a deeper understanding than can be gleaned in the brief moment.”

• manifest and attract: Car, Pregnancy, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   garnets

• birthstone for Capricorn,  Aquarius and January

• hardness (Mohs): 6.5 – 7.5

• cleanses and re-energizes the chakras

• inspires love and devotion

• brings courage and hope


•  regenerates the body; stimulates the metabolism; treats disorders of the spine and spinal fluid, bone, cellular structure and composition; purifies the heart, lungs, and blood ; regenerates DNA; boosts immune system


“Listen to the anger without giving in to it, for it is but blocked understanding bursting forward when heard.”

• also known as a carbuncle, meaning “live coal”   almandine

• an iron-aluminum garnet

• hardness (Mohs):  7 – 7.5

• heart stone

• clears and supports blood energy


“Just let it all go and fly.”

• a calcium-aluminum garnet, some calcium may be replaced in part by ferrous iron and the aluminum by ferric iron

• hardness (Mohs):  7 – 7.5  grossular

• clears and supports heart and lung energy





“Work together.  Expel the subversions, and build a better world for all.”

• a manganese aluminum garnet  spess garnet

• hardness (Mohs):  6.5 – 7.5

• clears and supports kidney, reproductive and immune systems



Astrological Signs of Cancer and Pisces 

Vibrates to the number 1

“Halite crystallizes in the form of masses, columnar structures, and cubic crystals (some with concave faces). The range of colour includes colourless and shades of yellow, red and blue.” The halite in this site’s shoppe is the pink type from deposits in California, USA. “These colours occur in the halite which is based by a pink-to-cranberry shaded Burkeite; the colouring is caused by a seaweed-type plant growth within the mineral.”

Pink calls to the fourth (heart) chakra, tuning the loving aspects of that multidimensional chakra. Halite transmits this feeling of emotional and universal love. As a shade of red infused with white, it also addresses the first (root or base) chakra concerns of security and grounding, while connecting with the white energy of higher self.

“Due to the solubility of Halite, do not prepare and elixir of this mineral via the normal method.”
“It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the colon and lower intestinal tract, for amelioration of water retention, and to augment strength during physical activities. A word of caution: it is recommended that halite is not placed on the abdominal area during pregnancy; it can, however, be placed upon the other portions of the body.”

All Quoted passages for this section are from the book, Love Is In The Earth, by Melody, ISBN #O-9628190-3-4. and is used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.

“Coalesce your energy paths into bring form to your life.”

• manifest and attract:  Motivation, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  hematite

• the mineral form of iron oxide

• hardness (Mohs): 5.5 – 6.5

• name from the Greek haima, meaning “blood”

• has been found on Mars by infrared spectrometer on the NASA Mars Global Surveyor

• used to improve relationships

• Native American folklore: war paint made from hematite makes one invincible in battle

• grounds and protects

• dissolves negativity and prevents the absorption of the negativity of others

• utilizes magnetic qualities of yin-yang energy to balance the meridians within the body and upon the planet, stabilizing the equilibrium of nervous systems within and beyond the physical bodies


• stimulates iron absorption in small intestines, improving oxygen supply to the body; supports kidneys; regenerates tissue: treats leg cramps, anxiety, and insomnia; aids spinal alignment and fractures; helps to overcome compulsions and addictions, including overeating, smoking and other over-indulgences


“Burdens are pure excess.  Place them down and pass freely to the path without the stories of why you must stay and tend the past.”

• manifest and attract:  Gratitude,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   howlite

• a calcium borosilicate hydroxide

• hardness (Mohs): 3.5

• porous texture makes it easily dyed; marketed as turquenite when dyed blue

• absorbs anger

• opens memories of previous times and lives

• helps to overcome critical or selfish behavior

• encourages patience, discernment, and tact

• helps formulate ambitions and aids in achieving them


• relieves insomnia; balances calcium levels; strengthens teeth and bones; relieves pain, stress;


“Clarify your meanings.  See the depth of all that you communicate.”

manifests and attracts:  Past Life Memory Recall, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   iceland spar

•  has double refraction of light (splits images)

• Viking’s sunstone

• amplifies images and helps one to see double meanings

• Clarity, insight, and forgiveness


• reduce tension; heals eyes; relief for migraine headaches


“Healing is timeless.   No ancient ways exist; only the healing and the non-healing.”

• manifest and attract:  Finances, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   jade

• either of two different silicate minerals recognized in 1863

• nephrite:  a microcrystalline interlocking fibrous matrix of the calcium, magnesium-iron rich amphibole mineral series tremolite ferroactinolite

• nephrite hardness (Mohs): 6 – 7

• jadeite:  a sodium- and aluminum-rich pyroxene

• jadeite hardness (Mohs): 6 – 6.5

• carved pieces prized in many cultures, including Chinese, Korean, Maori, and pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

• a “dream stone”

• protective, wards against destructive energy

• facilitates peace and harmony between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life

• promotes courage, compassion, justice, generosity, humility wealth and longevity


• strengthens the heart, kidneys, nervous and immune systems; promotes health in the organs that purify the blood; removes toxins; balances body fluids; heals stitches; assists fertility and childbirth

“Calm down.  Let’s start from the new beginning…”

• birthstone for Virgo and March hardness (Mohs):

• manifests and attracts:  Change (red); Family (rhyolite/rainforest jasper)Manhood; Reduced Stress, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   jaspers

• a form of chalcedony

• hardness (Mohs): 6.5 – 7

• a supreme nurturer

• supports through times of stress

• brings tranquility and wholeness

• protective, absorbs destructive energy

• clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation

• encourages honesty with ones self


• liver, gallbladder, soothing the stomach, including heartburn and acid reflux; balancing yin/yang energy


“Reach out your hand to receive, then keep it out to give.”

• work success

• wholeness

• protection


• increase physical endurance; ward off dehydration



• plant growth   kambaba

• soothes nerves and state of mind


• helps dietary stabilization; assimilation of vitamins and minerals; cleanses the body of toxins




“Release and relax.  You are protected always.”

• love self and others   ocean jasper

• heal emotions

• helps with acceptance of responsibility

• brings peace of mind

• helps with circular breathing in healing or meditation

• protective with many “eyes”

• protection from “evil eye”


• digestion, including digestive organs; removing toxins; lessens body odor


“See what you are saying without altering the picture and you will learn how you got here.”

• harmony   picture jasp

• visualization

• positive things in business pursuits

• brings and shows hidden messages from past

• brings and shows hidden thoughts, fears, hopes


• emotional and psychological healing


“When all cools down, it is the nurturing one that remains.”

• discovered in Madagascar in 2006   polychrom jasp

• a silicon dioxide probably formed in the cooling stages of volcanic activity

• gentle, reassuring

• intuitive

• heals through relaxation and realization that all is well



“Anxiety will not serve well.  Breathe and continue for there are wonders ahead to discover still.”

• protection

• astral travel

• relaxation

• enhances organizational skills

• balances yin/yang

• encourages attunement, communication with animals

• helps with allergies, especially animal allergies


• increase physical endurance; ward off dehydration


“Words do not give meaning.  They only attempt to pass on that which is so much more.”

• manifest and attract: Family; “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   rhyolite

• helps with resolution and perseverance

• helps communication of all kinds

• helps one listen easily, without distorting the message one is hearing

• balances yin/yang energy


• liver cleansing, regeneration, and healing; works with solar plexus and throat chakras

“None are just who will master another.”

• justice   red jasper

• protection

• fairness

• enhances responsibility, choice and compassion

• enhances dream recall

• assists in protection and rescue from danger

• helps one to take all one’s energy and us it in a balanced manner

• helps to control passion


• maintains positive movement with all types of disorders and disease; helpful with diabetes


“Give yourself a chance to be alive and nurtured by the space you are in.”

• manifest and attract reduction of stress – “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  yellow jasp2

• hardness: 7

• protection & nurturing

• channels positive energy


• release of toxins

• digestive issues of stomach


“Ancient fires hold no secrets.  All is brought forth for you to see.”

• manifest and attract: Coping with Death; Divorce; “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• a mineraloid derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure   jet

• hard jet results from carbon compression and salt water

• soft jet results from carbon compression and fresh water

• oldest known jet jewelry dates from 17,000 BC (Asturias, Spain)

• hardness (Mohs): 2.5 – 4

• the touch of a red-hot needle should cause it to emit an odor similar to coal

• used for removal of negative energy

• protection against illness or violence

• produces and atmosphere of peace, calm and serenity

• awakens Kundalini energy

• because it can collect a negative charge, it is useful for attracting positive energy in the form of knowledge and wisdom

• has access to ancient knowledge and transforming powers of the earth

• helps in balancing the financial aspect


• assists with headache and epilepsy; stabilizes mood; promotes equilibrium


“Hearts’ up and ready to move beyond.”

• manifest and attract: Love, Relationships, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• a pyroxene mineral consisting of lithium aluminum inosilicate   kunzite

• hardness (Mohs):  6.5 – 7

• pink to lilac variety, color due to manganese

• many are heated or irradiated to enhance color

• many fade when exposed to sunlight

• discovered in 1902, named after George Frederick Kunz, chief jeweler at Tiffany & Co at the time

• opens the heart to all forms of love

• calming, relaxing

• releases blocks in matters of the heart

• combats feelings of inferiority

• removes emotional blockages from your history, especially childhood stress and trauma;


• stress relief; smooth knotted muscles; calm nerves, anger or fear; alleviates sciatica and other painful joint issues; helps treatment of drug and alcohol addiction


“Let go and follow where I lead.”

• manifest and attract: Modifying Excesses, Pets, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  kyanites

• a silicate mineral

• hardness (Mohs): 4.5-5 parallel to one axis

6.5-7 perpendicular to that axis

• from Greek “kuanos” or “kyanos”, meaning deep blue

• used in ceramic products, including plumbing and dishware; also in electronics

• an index mineral used to estimate temperature, depth, and pressure at which a rock undergoes metamorphism

• does not accumulate destructive energy

• can be used for attunements

• induces tranquility and calm

• enhances communication and psychic awareness

• eases, enhances and supports meditation efforts


• treats hearing disorders, eye ailments and issues with sense of smell; issues of the throat


“Reach into your soul and build with all you have.”

• a silicate mineral  black kyanite

• hardness (Mohs):  4 – 7

• deepens connection to natural world

• brings power and strength

• offers protection and retreat – the safety of being hidden from enemies



“Clarity goes beyond the eyesight or vision.”

• manifest and attract: Weight (Healthy),  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  blue kyanite

• a silicate mineral

• hardness (Mohs): 4 – 7

• marks the beginning of life and emotion

• brings trust, faith, patience, and respect

• helps with recovery from addictions or destructive patterns

• aids in curbing tempers


“Worthiness is an empty word.  What is not worthy??”

• a silicate mineral

• hardness (Mohs): 4 – 7

• a growth crystal

• conduit of Life Force of birth, development, and creation

• nurturing of new family relationships or new business

• promotes spiritual growth and strength

• safety in travel

“Wisdom from the deep must be attained through time and practice, not purchased or found.”

• a feldspar mineral  labradorite

• hardness (Mohs):  6 – 6.5

• manifest and attract: New beginnings,  Pets, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• stimulates imagination

• develops enthusiasm

• strengthens intuition

• quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression

• dispels negativity

• links to the Crone aspects of the Goddess

• perseverance


• helpful in treating eye and brain disorders; regulates metabolism and digestion; alleviates bone issues, disorders of spinal column and wear and tear of joints; pain-killer;


“Sometimes it takes a journey in order to heal.”

• largely formed from the mineral lazurite   lapis

• hardness (Mohs): 5 – 5.5

• manifest and attract: Finances,  Money, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• mined in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan as early as 3rd millennium BC

• may be synthesized using artificial ultramarine and hydrous zinc phosphates, or substituted by spinel or sodalite, or dyed jasper or howlite

• prized in ancient Egypt as amulets and scarabs

• used in Mesopotamia by Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians

• ancient times was known as sapphire

• can assist with channeling

• stone of friendship and truth


• boosts immune system; purifies blood; lowers blood pressure; cools and soothes areas of inflammation; alleviates insomnia and vertigo; overcomes depression; benefits the respiratory and nervous systems; assists throat, vocal chords and thyroid; cleanses organs, bone marrow and thymus


“Do not leave before the magic begins then say there is no magic.”

• lilac-grey or rose-colored mica   lepidolite

• hardness (Mohs): 2.5 – 3

• manifest and attract: Fairies,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• a secondary source for lithium

• a stone of transition

• assists in release and reorganization of old behavior and psychological patterns

• brings deep emotional healing

• facilitates astral travel and accesses the Akashic Records

• helps take one forward into the future to allow backward glance at present issues

• assists in overcoming emotional or mental dependency

• helps clear out the redundant messages from the past holding one back


• clears electromagnetic pollution; strengthens the immune system, soothes nerves; relieves exhaustion; aids in relief of tension and related disorders; relieves allergies; helps with epilepsy and Alzheimers; numbs sciatica and neuralgia; overcomes joint problems; stabilizes mood swings; treats “sick-building syndrome” or computer stress; useful for bipolar disorders


“Tell me what you want and give me a bit of the dream and I will attract it toward you.”

Lodestone• naturally magnetized magnetite

• attraction

• paint/mark male or female to attract lover

• may become magnetized by strong magnetic fields surrounding lightning bolts

• potent stone for manifestation

• balances polarities

• aids telepathy

• offers relief from destructive emotions


• beneficial for asthma, blood, circulatory system, skin and hair; use for muscle strains and cramps; stop nosebleeds; assists strengthening lower back, joints and rectum; increases the eyes’ focal ability


Astrological Signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Virgo 

Vibrates to the number 4
Energy flows from North, South, Inner Earth, and along the magnetic fields.

“Magnetite crystallizes in the form of crusts, grains octahedral and rhombdodecahedral crystals, granular masses, and dendrites. It has also occurred within meteoritic structures. The colour range includes iron black, and pale brown. It is strongly magnetic and possesses polarity attributes in the form called Lodestone.”

Magnetite can bring alignment to spinal chakras, expanding then beyond the spinal case to all chakras, balancing them within the context of the present. If watched subtly, it can show where balance is maintained in awkward formations, such as when the body creates its own, if strained balance if the spine is miscurved, or a limb is misshaped or missing. Magnetite can then show us where to realign to find a less-strained sense of balance, through exercises, studies, thought-patterns, and such to address either the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature of the strained balance.

It can also assist one to find one’s place in physical space and mental constructs. By tapping the magnetic fields of Earth and other living souls, magnetite can show one the position one is in in relationship to the Earth and others. Interferrences can be revealed, as well as useful relationships.

“It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the bone structure, hair, skin, blood vessels, and the flesh. It has also been used in the treatment of nose bleeds. It can help one to ‘attract’ the healing energies necessary for recovery from disorders.”

All Quoted passages for this section are from the book, Love Is In The Earth, by Melody, ISBN #O-9628190-3-4. and is used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.

“ Release your heart and then follow it.”

• a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral

• hardness (Mohs): 3.5 – 4

• manifest and attract: Concentration, Learning,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   malachite

• from Latin “molochitis”, Middle French “melochite”, Middle English “melochites”, and Greek “molochitis-lithos”, meaning “mallow green stone” due to its resemblance to the leaves of the Mallow plant

• used as mineral pigment in paints until about 1800

• often results from weathering of copper ores

• absorbs negative energy and pollutants

• guards against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution

• attunes to spiritual guidance

• opens the heart to unconditional love

• encourages risk-taking and change

• breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns

• stimulates dreams


• balances mood swings; heals cramps; facilitates labor; alleviates menstrual disorders; boosts the immune and nervous systems; lowers blood pressure; treats asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, growths, travel sickness, vertigo, tumors, the optic nerve, pancreas, spleen and parathyroid; can be used for all forms of cancer; stimulates the liver to release toxins


MOOKAITE (Mookite/Mook Jasper)
“Open yourself to guidance that knows the way.”

mookaite tumbled

• Manifest and attract optimism –  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• form of radiolarite from Western Australia

• hardness: 7

• connection to Earth Wisdom

• prosperity where few can find it


• skeletal issues, including bones, marrow, red blood cells

• sensory issues, including eyesight, hearing, smell, and the senses beyond the physical


“Glow in reflection of the passion that lies between the mystical realms of celestial orbs.”


• a sodium potassium aluminum silicate; composed of two feldspars, orthoclase and albite

• hardness (Mohs): 6.0

• Romans believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon

• manifests and attracts friendship or grief,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• enhances intuition

• can reunite lovers who have quarreled

• is a reflection of the person who owns it

• a stone of new beginnings


• aids the digestive system; assimilates nutrients; eliminates toxins and fluid retention; alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, and fleshy organs such as the liver and pancreas; stimulate functioning of pineal gland; balance internal hormone cycles with nature’s rhythms; fertility issues

“Reflection is more than a thought.”

• a naturally occurring volcanic glass

• manifest and attract: Reflection,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  obsidians

• hardness (Mohs):  5 – 6

• truth-enhancing

• strongly protective, shields against negativity

• blocks psychic attack

• absorbs negative/destructive energy from environment

• draws out mental stress and tension

• stimulates growth on all levels

• brings clarity to mind; clears confusion

• helps you to know who you truly are

• dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas


• aids digestion; detoxifies; reduces arthritis pain, joint problems, cramps; warms extremities


“Fight the good battle and stand tall.”

• rounded nodules of obsidian

• hardness (Mohs): 5 –5.5

• manifest and attract: Grief,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  apache tear

• looks opaque by reflected light, but translucent when held up to light

• Native legend: tears of wives and families of Apache warriors who rode off a cliff rather than surrender to US Cavalry turned to stone upon hitting the ground

• grounding and protection

• aid to clear negative emotions that may be holding you back

• lend support during times of sorrow


• calms muscle spasms; detoxifying; absorption of vitamins; enhance immune system


“Open the door and fear not the Light.”

• hardness (Mohs): 5 – 6   black ob

• increases self-control

• protective, providing support during change



“Fear not the dreams for they can tell you who you are.”

• hardness (Mohs): 5 – 6   mahogany ob

• grounding

• protection

• transmutation

• assimilates and accommodates ones life goals and purpose


• reduce pain from cramp, arthritis, and injury; assists blood circulation; help body remove toxins

“Bring the Light into your Darkness and see you need only open your eyes.”

• obsidian with inclusions of cristobalite  snowflake ob

• hardness (Mohs):

• manifest and attract: Forgiveness,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• calming and soothing

• teaches you to value mistakes as well as successes

• stone of purity


• aids in disorders of the veins and skeletal structure; improves circulation; alleviates muscular aches and spasms; treats joint pain and hardening of the arteries


“Let the bands of all come together and see how wonderful they are together.”

• a banded variety of chalcedony

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 7

• manifest and attract: Manhood,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  onyxs

• gives strength

• promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina

• banishes grief

• encourages happiness and good fortune


• treats disorders of the bones, bone marrow and blood; beneficial for teeth and feet; helps healing wounds; treats eye and ear problems; cellular regeneration



“Together we are not One, but a part of One.”

• a banded variety of chalcedony  black onyx

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 7

• grounding

• protective


“Speak with care that you know for whom you speak.”

• a banded variety of chalcedony   blue onyx
• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 7
• assists communication
• calming for the nerves




“Knowing what and who you are reduces vulnerability to being mastered.”

• a banded variety of chalcedony; may be a treated calcite   onyx marble
• hardness (Mohs): 5.5 – 6.5
• stress relief
• heart support, emotional and physical




“Neither wring the life from another, nor allow it to be wrung from you.”

• a hydrated amorphous form of silica
• hardness (Mohs): 5.5 – 6
• manifest and attract: Creativity, Fairies, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  opals
• birthstone: October
• reflects the mood of the wearer
• intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions
• encourages freedom and independence
• stimulates originality and creativity
• strengthens will to live; treats infections and fever; purifies blood and kidneys; regulates insulin; eases childbirth; alleviates PMS



Astrological Sign of Leo

Vibrates to the number 9

“Pietersite crystallizes in the form of masses, the structure a result of inclusions in jasper where the inclusions are pseudomorphs after asbestos. The colour is blue/black and the mineral exhibits a chatoyant quality. It was discovered by Sid Pieters, Windhoek, Namibia, and is truly lovely.
“This mineral can be used to stimulate the pineal gland and to assist one during meditative states to experience visions and pre-cognitive thoughts. It aligns the energy centers of the body while providing grounding, not to the Earth, but to the etheric body; this rarity in grounding ability has facilitated travel throughout the spheres of existence, culminating in access to the akashic records.”

Pietersite resonates with the seventh (crown) and etheric/luminous chakras beyond the physical body. It can assist in locating disturbances and blocks in the etheric/luminous body, connecting the seeker with the source of disturbance or blockage in order to assist clearing them.
“This mineral can be used to stimulate the pituitary gland to provide the proper regulation of the other endocrine glands and to produce, in the proper quantity, the hormones concerned with growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure, and body temperature.”

All Quoted passages for this section are from the book, Love Is In The Earth, by Melody, ISBN #O-9628190-3-4. and is used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.


“Heal the present and let the past fall away.”

• a phyllosilicate of calcium and aluminum

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 6.5

• manifest and attract: Blessing,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  prehnite

• first mineral to be named after someone; Col. Hendrik Von Prehn; 1789

• stone of unconditional love

• connects to archangel Raphael

• connects with heart and will

• stone of vision

• alleviates nightmares, phobias, and deep fears by uncovering and healing the dis-ease that creates them

• beneficial for hyperactive children

• helpful for de-cluttering


• assists to find root cause of illness; use for kidneys, bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs; treats gout and blood disorders; repairs connective tissue; stabilizes malignancy



“Reflect the best you see in the world and it will multiply.”

• an iron sulfide (iron pyrite)

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 6.5

• manifest and attract: Power,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  pyrite

• from Greek “purites”, “of fire” or “in fire”

• is a semiconductor material

• protective

• stimulates intellect, enhances memory

• encourages the ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being


• treats bones, healing of cell formation, lung disorders, bronchitis, and asthma; used to reduce swelling and fevers; aids treatment of infectious disease while providing protection for the caregivers; helps overcome lethargy and fatigue; increases the oxygen supply to the blood; strengthens the circulatory system


“See more and be more.”

• a fine layer of miniature crystal coating a pyrite matrix

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 6.5  irid pyrite sun

• stimulates colorful thought

• happiness, playfulness in a protected environment


• treats bones, healing of cell formation, lung disorders, bronchitis, and asthma; used to reduce swelling and fevers; aids treatment of infectious disease while providing protection for the caregivers; helps overcome lethargy and fatigue; increases the oxygen supply to the blood; strengthens the circulatory system


“Shine away the blues.”

• formed between layers of slate and coal giving no room to form the traditional cubes.

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 6.5  irid pyrite sun

• found in coal mines in Illinois, USA

• forms rays from center, sun-like

• strength of the sun


• treats bones, healing of cell formation, lung disorders, bronchitis, and asthma; used to reduce swelling and fevers; aids treatment of infectious disease while providing protection for the caregivers; helps overcome lethargy and fatigue; increases the oxygen supply to the blood; strengthens the circulatory system

“Open the heart and allow light to shine even as it shows the shadows.”

• a continuous framework of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra   quartzs

• hardness (Mohs): 7

• second most abundant mineral in Earth’s continental crust, after feldspar

• from German word “quarz”, meaning “hard”

• amethyst is a purple quartz (see more under amethyst)

• citrine is a yellow or orange quartz  (see more under citrine)

• the quartz family includes agates, jaspers, chalcedonies, among others


“Work with me without coming programmed to expect what I can do and I will show you what cannot be told or written.”

• manifest and attract: Purify, World Peace,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  clear qtz

• hardness (Mohs): 7

• stone of clarity

• stone of power

• Master Healer stone

• programmable to needed use

• amplifies energy and thought

• absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy

• neutralizes background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations


• diagnostic tool, use this to detect clearly the true nature of the ailment or trauma; if clarity is needed for the healing, clear quartz will apply that to the area of concern with suggestions of additional stones to use beyond the clearing aspect



“Sometimes the knots in life can be untied, and other times they must be cut from the fabric.  Which is this?”

• manifest and attract: Travel,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   elestial qtz

• a quartz with natural terminations covering the body and surface of a layered, multi layered or etched quartz crystal

• hardness (Mohs): 7

• attuned to Earth rhythm while connecting to higher vibrations

• aids communication with angelic, intergalactic, inter-dimensional realms

• helps to unravel the complexities of the manipulations of self and society


• stimulates healing of any dis-ease through the many levels of vibration in and around the physical mass body; treats depressive and psychotic illness; treats skeletal disorders; treats maladies with many layers


“Balance is achieved in calm, not flurry.  When being pushed to another’s bidding, slow and see that this is not yours, but the other’s.”

• quartz with inclusion of a lithium-rich mineral such as lepidolite  lithium quartz

• hardness (Mohs): 6.5 – 7

• manifest and attract: Faith,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• balancing

• clarifies issues for decision-making


• treats anxiety and insomnia; calms nerves and central nervous system to allow clarity and adequate diagnosis


“Bless yourself by blessing others.”

• massive quartz with trace amounts of titanium, iron, manganese,  possibly dumortierite

• manifest and attract: Pets,  Unconditional Love,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  rose qtz

• stone of love

• likes to be gifted


• uses the loving energy inherent in it to restore flow through the physical and energetic bodies; treats anxiety, greed and hoarding, blood flow issues, and digestive issues; strengthens immune system


“The fabric of life is a tapestry that is stitched bit by bit.”

• quartz with needle inclusions of rutile, a mineral composed of titanium dioxide

• hardness (Mohs): 6.5 – 7

• manifest and attract: Success,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  rutiled qtz

• makes clear those “jabbing” gut feelings

• allows connection with usually suspect or unsavory energy or personalities


• assists with intestinal issues; warming for extremities or other “chilled” areas; useful for wounds, bruises, and stitches



“Remember to exhale fully to release the ash of life.”

• a brown to black variety of quartz with free silicon from the silicon dioxide by natural (or lab) irradiation

• hardness (Mohs): 7

• manifest and attract: Boundaries,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  smoky am qtz

• releases destructive energy

• establishes barriers from destructive energy, including ones own

• reveals truth beyond the human experience or practice


• extracts toxins; repels electromagnetic pollution and radiation;

“Have fun, or know you are in need.  When in need allow fun to return from its exile and let no others part you again.”

• a quartz with inclusions of iron oxide

• hardness (Mohs): 6.5- 7

• manifest and attract: Happiness,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  strwbry qtz

• synthetic material sold as strawberry, cherry, or other “fruit” named “quartz” are actually treated glass

• brings calm to any space


• relaxes tension, including tight muscles and overly restricted passages throughout the body and between physical and energetic bodies


“Provide protection when needed and release it when it is time to sail on.”

• quartz with strand inclusions of tourmaline, usually black

• hardness (Mohs): 6.5 – 7  tourm qtz

• absorbs destructive energy

• absorbs blockages

• illuminates where blockages reside

• shows that safety is provided through clear sightedness and understanding


• stress reduction; assists with recovery and cell regeneration; headache relief; hormonal balance;


“Love that walks with you in such a way that it is palatable to live without shields.”

• a manganese carbonate mineral   rhodochrosite

• hardness (Mohs): 3.5 – 4

• manifest and attract: Beauty, Friendship, Generosity, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• State Mineral for Colorado (USA)

• Incas believed that it is the blood of their former rulers, turned to stone, sometimes called “Rosa del Inca” or “Inca Rose”

• love for ones opponents

• communicates with healer energy


• helps heart fluidity, circulation; eases emotional, and therefore physical stress;

“Words of disharmony hold no vibration in the company of loving words.  The vibration is everything.”

• a manganese inosilicate, member of the pyroxenoid group of minerals

• manifest and attract: Recovery,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe   rhodonite

• hardness (Mohs): 5.5 – 6.5

• Official Gem of Commonwealth of Massachusetts

• helps one to be receptive to communication

• the strength of love


• detoxifying; strengthening for circulatory and immune systems;


“Have the courage to love, especially where you cannot find it readily.”

• a pink to blood red variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide)   ruby

• hardness (Mohs): 9.0

• manifest and attract: Marriage, Romance, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• birthstone for July, Cancer, Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn,

• stone of the heart

• stone of courage

• stone of manifestation


• heart, blood and circulation issues; general strength



“Fear is tense; love flows.  Choose flow.”

• red corundum embedded in a matrix of chromium-rich muscovite (mica)  ruby in fu

• hardness (Mohs): Ruby: 9, Fuchsite: 2 – 4

• helps release anger

• stone of the heart, physical and emotional

• brightens outlook


• stress-relief; releases toxins built up with anger;





Astrological Sign of Capricorn

Vibrates to the number 1

“Scolecite crystallizes in the form of slender prismatic crystals, masses, fibers, radiated filaments, and nodules. The colour is colourless to white.

Scolecite is useful in balancing and aligning the physical chakras, clearing the energy flow and allowing a larger sense of connection with others, including those beyond the physical human range.
“This mineral has been used in the treatment of intestinal disorders, spinal disalignment, and to expel parasites from the body. It can also be used for the remediation of disorders related to the eyes, the cortex, and the lungs. It can be used to dissipate blood clots, to stimulate the clearing of arterial walls, and to enhance circulation. It is also useful in the treatment of bruises and wounds.”

All Quoted passages for this section are from the book, Love Is In The Earth, by Melody, ISBN #O-9628190-3-4. and is used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.


“Accept that you are foolish and then we can speak in truth.”

• a variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide; trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium copper, or magnesium can give blue, yellow, purple, orange or greenish color; chromium can yield a pink or red, which is called a ruby

• hardness (Mohs): 9.0

• manifest and attract: Career, Marriage, Protection,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe  sapphires

• from Greek sappherios, meaning “blue stone”

• what ancient Greeks called sapphire is probably what is now called lapis lazuli

• synthetic sapphires are used for high-power radio-frequency such as in cell phones, police and fire radios, and satellite communication systems

• low conductivity for electricity, but high conductivity for heat, offering electrical insulation with lower heat

• allows one to see beyond the mundane forms of energy

• can distract from higher forms of energy when subject is weak

• stone of strength

• stone of deception – learn it well or it will set you away with quick deception rather than eternal truth; in this way it teaches a higher value

• stone of discernment and judgment


• come to work with sapphire with clear heart and mind or expect to be deceived; counsel with sapphire as to your healing needs and proceed with care and know this is not a quick fix assistant


“Groups can bring mankind together and they can tear it apart.  Don’t hide what you are doing.”

• a variety of onyx in which the colored bands are sard (red) rather than black

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 7   sardonyx

• manifest and attract: Connectivity,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• professes the value of community, rather than mobs

• can assist one to understand what one wants and why

• resists the clandestine agendas


• treats connective tissues, tendons and ligaments; assists with healthy brain function, especially the process of synapses; strengthens arteries, veins, canals, and all passageways within the body



“When are you?”

• a form of gypsum, calcium sulfate di-hydrate

• hardness (Mohs): 2   selenite

• manifest and attract: Understanding, World Peace, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• from the Latin selenites and Greek selenites (ithos) meaning “moonstone” or “stone of the moon”

• ancients believed that certain transparent crystals waxed and waned with the moon

• because gypsum has natural thermal insulating properties, all varieties feel warm to the touch

• assists with past life regression and future life progression, spans and eliminates the boundaries of time

• soothing and calming

• clears space of energetic clutter

• helpful with alignments and balance


• assists with any physical structure in which alignment is key to health; strengthens all physical linings such as arterial walls, ear canals, bone shafts, and intestinal tracts; assists with fluid balance


“Emphatic, sympathetic, gentle, graceful interactions.
 Affirmation: I am nourished by Divine truth.” – Marina Costelloe

seraphinite bits

• manifests and attracts healthy growth, healing, faithfulness, loyalty, independence and good fortune – Marina Costelloe

• cliniclore/chlorite

• hardness: 2 – 4

• promotes regeneration/self-healing

• awareness of the Divine Beyond Feminine and Masculine

• restore health and balance, personal and universal

• drives living from the heart


• aids cellular regeneration in a balanced manner that revives rather than destroys the natural balance of the physical being; tracks dis-ease genesis through time including ancestors and self past lives

“Harness the wisdom of the heart and leave the exploitation of the mind.”

• a group of common rock-forming hydrous magnesium iron phylloscilicate minerals that may contain other elements including chromium, manganese, cobalt or nickel

• some varieties of serpentine include antigoite, bowenite, tangiwai, Williamsite, and gymnite  serpentine

• hardness (Mohs): 2.5 – 4

• official State Rock and lithologic emblem of California (USA)

• sometimes marketed as false jade, Teton, Suzhou jade, Styrian jade, or New Jade

• from Latin serpentinus, meaning “serpent rock”

• may play a role in the transport of water into the earth and in the subsequent release of water to create magmas in island arcs; some of the water may be carried to yet greater depths

• soils derived from serpentine are toxic to many plants due to high levels of nickel, chromium and cobalt

• may contain asbestos

• in natural state, some forms react with carbon dioxide and re-release oxygen into the atmosphere

• brings intuition to materialization

• “plays with fire”


• assists with balancing blood sugar, diabetes and pancreatitis; treats inflammations and burns; treats heart disease where hardening or burning is present; heartburn


“When one pains, all pain.  When one rejoices, all rejoice.”

• manifest and attract: Transformation,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• a member of the sodalite mineral group with hauyne, nosean, lazurite and tugtupite; a feldspathoid   sodalite

• hardness (Mohs): 5.5 – 6

• contains sodium, aluminum, silicon, chlorine and oxygen

• stone of artists, singers and writers

• calming and clear communication therapeutic


• useful for regulating blood pressure; assists with issues with glandular functions;


“You may have been sent here to destroy, but you were not brought here for that.”

• layered accretionary structures formed in shallow water by trapping, binding and cementation of sedimentary grain by biofilms of microorganisms, especially cyanobacteria (commonly know as blue-green algae)

• hardness (Mohs): 7    stramatolite

• provide some of the most ancient records of life on Earth

• living  stramatolites can be found in Mexico’s southern Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, Belize, Lake Salda (Turkey), and other freshwater locations

• record-keepers

• connections to early life and the connections to life beyond the planet

• soothing

• calmly advising


• assists flow of body fluids and energy; helps identify original causes or traumas related to pain or illness


“The sun is a star, and so are you.”

• a plagioclase feldspar

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 6.5   sunstone

• manifest and attract: Prayer,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• official gemstone of Oregon (USA)

• optical effect of orange red “brilliant spangled appearance appears to be due to reflections from inclusions of red copper

• influences of the Sun

• energy boost, even when stressed or ill


• antidepressant; promotes self-healing; harmonizes the functioning of organs;


“Let me help you see who and what you are”


• a chatoyant gemstone, silicon dioxide; a member of the quartz group

• hardness (Mohs): 7.0   tiger eye

• manifest and attract: Car,  Past Life Memory Recall, Protection, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• an example of pseudomorpous replacement by silica of fibrous crocidolite (blue asbestos)

• an incompletely silicified blue variant is called Hawk’s Eye

• dark blue-gray fibrous varieties are sold under the trade name of Pietersite

• protective

• balancing

• enhances visions


• treats eyes, ears, nose and throat issues; releases toxins;


“Illusions surround.  Truth stands centered.”


• a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine

• hardness (Mohs): 8   topazes

• orange topaz is also known as precious topaz

• birthstone for November (orange)

• state gemstone of Utah (USA) (orange)

• symbol of friendship

• state gemstone of Texas (blue)

• calmly invigorating

• fortifying of the energetic fields


• assists the digestive system; treats the liver, gallbladder and intestinal tract;



“ I can teach you how and when to lead.”

Silver Blue Topaz

• birthstone: Scorpio and Sagittarius

• manifests and attracts motivation, soul partner “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• hardness: 8

•  fluorine aluminum silicate

• cooling

• dispel sadness, anger and nocturnal fears

• warns its wearer of poisons and protect him or her from sudden death

“A teacher says little and moves wisely.”


• a crystal boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminum, iron, sodium, lithium, or potassium

• hardness (Mohs): 7 – 7.5   tourmalines

• manifest and attract: Abundance, Honesty, Recovery, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• bluish or brownish black to black are also called schorl

• dark yellow to brownish black are also called dravite

• red or pinkish-red are also called rubellite

• light blue to bluish green is also called indicolite

• green is also called verdelite

• colorless is also called achroite

• tourmalines can also be bi-colored, such as the watermelon tourmaline (green surrounding pink to pinkish-red)


“Reclaim your light from the shadows.”


• an iron-rich tourmaline   schorl

• hardness (Mohs): 7 – 7.5

• manifest and attract: Protection,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• a pyroelectric mineral

• protects by drawing destructive force to itself

• can also draw positive forces into its field


• detoxifies; treats digestive organs and system; strengthens blood



“Restore your chatter to communication.”


• a lithium and iron-rich tourmaline

• hardness (Mohs): 7 – 7.5   blue tourm

• manifest and attract: Courage,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• balance of strength

• restores communication where it has been strained or damaged


• treats throat and thyroid issues; reduces inflammation; calming and restoring of all physical systems



“Let go of that which no longer serves you well.  Then pull yourself together.”

• a magnesium-rich tourmaline

• hardness (Mohs): 7 – 7.5   dravite

• assists manipulation of life force

• helps release toxic thought and action

• allows synthesis of necessary energy, especially for change


• treats digestive issues; stabilizes nerves and blood vessels;


“Find your balance.”

• a lithium-rich tourmaline

• hardness (Mohs): 7 – 7.5

• balances emotions of the physical heart


• treats issues of the heart, especially the rhythm/beat; treats issues of the thymus gland



“Find your balance and purpose.”

• a lithium-rich tourmaline   pink tourm

• hardness (Mohs): 7 – 7.5

• balances the emotions of the spiritual heart


• treats heartache and disconnection with etheric bodies



“Don’t just say you are well: be well.”

• a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum

• hardness (Mohs): 5 – 7   turquois

• manifest and attract: Communication, Faith, “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• from Old French for “Turkish” because it was first brought to Europe from Turkey (mines in historical Khorasan Province of Iran)

• Aztecs called it “Teoxihuitl”

• properties are highly variable

• a holy stone

• brings good fortune

• protective, especially in regards to electro-magnetic fields and energetic pollution

• color can change due to light, or chemical reactions to cosmetics or skin acidity


• treats issues of confusion where there is clear physical reaction, such as panic attacks and hyperventilation;





“You are the healer, for you are the one who has become dis-eased.”

• an altered granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and colorless quartz

• hardness (Mohs): 6 – 7   unakite

• manifest and attract: Learning,  “Manifesting with Crystals” by Marina Costelloe

• named for first known source, the Unaka mountains in North Carolina, USA

• holds the ability to stand for itself and hold others

• courage


• attunes body to remember its natural flow, encouraging self-healing