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Attributes of Stone/Crystals

Please note that this listing is not all inclusive of possible attributes and usages available with any stone or crystal. The term stone refers to the size, while crystal refers to the geological formation process. For our purposes the terms stone and crystal are used interchangeably.

Listen to your own intuition and explore what information you can derive from any stone or crystal. Stones can be great teachers of patience. The more patience you are willing to spend with any stone, the more it will reveal to you of yourself and your world.

Crystal Link Care

Crystals carry energy. That energy can become infused with matter, emotional and mental thought forms, and other energy “leftovers” mostly picked up from humans. This can make communication with humans difficult or even contaminated.  In essence the crystal falls asleep in regards to human communication and other entities are free to “invade” the line of communication.  It is actually the humans who need clearing.  All stones can clear themselves.  It is the communication link that needs clearing.  The crystals must be re-awakened to the link.  Here are some ways to clear the link:

  • Setting the crystal in the path of the sun (clouds will not deter the rays) for up to one week to let the Father Energy clear it.  Caution: Some stones are fragile and excess light or heat cat cause them to crack or fade.
  • Setting the crystal in the light of a full moon phase to let the Mother Energy clear it.  Note the caution above for sunlight if the crystal will be in the sun during this process.
  • Bury the crystal in clean (as unpolluted as possible) soil for one week to let the Earth Energy clear it. Mark the place so you remember where to find it  .
  • If not water soluble, rinsing with cool/cold water.  If it leaves residue or “glitter” on your fingers, it’s probably best to use another method.
  • Blowing on the crystal, like blowing dust from anything left too long – only there is no dust blown back into the eyes
  • Setting the crystal in a container of sea salt may draw negative or draining energies, but do not use this method on minerals that can be damaged by the salt.
  • Set an intention for the crystal to be cleared. Sounds simple, but you need to be clear yourself, to clear the crystal. Know your self.
  • Which brings up the original discussion point.  Stones will tell you that they do not need to be cleared – YOU DO!  It is the communication link that needs to be awakened to facilitate clear communication. They are very willing to help in your process, but they are of the Earth and have their own connections to the planet and through the planet to the Universe.  They know what they need to clear and they call those energies and materials to them.  So if you get a sense that a stone needs to be in a certain place (or away from one), to be near a certain other stone, plant or other material, follow that message.  Be the stone’s legs.  The stone will return favors of insight in return.


Establishing Crystal Communication

To program a crystal is to attempt to enforce your will over its.  Try instead to connect with its energy field and communicate your needs and desires.  In this way the crystal can advise as to whether this is something it is willing to assist with, whether another is better equipped, or even if you are not speaking clearly from your heart.  Mixed messages will nullify your attempts.  You may find this to be a much more productive means of manifesting with crystals.

Method One:

To connect with a crystal place the crystal in your dominant hand, the one you write with. Quietly hold the clear intention you wish the crystal to focus upon or utilize. Open your heart to the crystal and ask if it will assist you to manifest the qualities you wish, and what situation you may wish to use it for. Allow in your communication that the outcome be set to the highest good for all involved, and that you will gladly accept a greater outcome than you can immediately envision. This allows the Universal Energy to provide not only your wildest dreams, but to go beyond them, if it is in the greatest good.

Hold the crystal, sending your intention, until you feel the communication is clearly passed to the crystal. Let the crystal rest and assimilate for a few minutes. If you have communicated an energy that is directed to yourself, perhaps a healing quality you are seeking, pick up the crystal with your non-dominant hand and, giving this a few moments, sense if you feel the energy flow in the communicated manner. If after a few minutes, you feel nothing at all, let the crystal and yourself rest and assimilate at least an hour before trying the communication again. Try not to underestimate the power of your communication. Sometimes the receiving process needs to be built or rebuilt before the full effect of the crystal’s energy is recognized. Also take note of any information or sense that just appears to you.  This can be the crystal “talking back”.

Method Two:

Using the same heart-set as above, set the stone near, or position your self near the crystal or stone.  This method is better for those crystals that are too delicate, too large, or are imbedded in the earth so as to make holding them difficult.  If you can place your hand on the crystal, do so, otherwise just position yourself close to it.

Follow the above steps of opening and communicating your needs and desires, and allow the crystal to assimilate and respond.

Method Three:

Distance or Stone Spirit Connections

Let’s face it some crystals are difficult to come by due to their rarity, their distance from us or the cost.  Rather than spending precious time searching for the specimen, connect with its spirit.  You may find it helpful to have a clear quartz crystal near to help communicate to the spirit of the distant crystal.  A picture of the requested stone can also help you focus the communication.

Hold the crystal (if using one) and have the picture near to gaze upon (if using one) or bring the stone to mind and let it resonate down into the heart.  Let the energy assimilate and when you feel the presence of the stone’s spirit, the conversation may begin.   Those trained in Reiki may want to use their distance methods to assist the process.

Allow the communication to take place in any manner it will.  Listen.  Watch.  Feel.

The results with any of these methods may surprise or even shock you, for the heart will not lie. It will redirect false intentions to true intentions, and you will feel the difference, even if uncomfortably.

Some Crystal Usages



Perhaps the most common usage of stones and crystals are in meditation. Choosing to sit quietly with a crystal form is a means of tapping the qualities of that crystal to guide a meditation and the information or healing it has to offer. It is also the best way to “get to know” the crystal. The crystal does not cause the information or healing, but offers the means or pathway to find that information or healing within one’s self.

Consider placing the crystal in the palm of the hand through which you feel you receive energy. For most people, that will be the hand they do not write with. Explore this practice with both palms. Learn how it works best for you. In the process of meditation, there may come the point where you no longer feel the crystal in your hand. At that point, you may find you have bridged the separation between yourself and the crystal. See what you find there.

The crystals may also be worn during meditation as pendants or necklaces placed at a chosen chakra point, as a bracelet on a receiving or giving wrist, or as earrings balancing the mind energy of the major and minor chakras of the head.

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In manifestation there is a thin line between ‘helping the universe provide that which is necessary’ and ‘attempting to force the universe to provide that which is desired’. – Love is in the Earth, Melody

There are stones/crystals which are given attributes of assistance with manifestation. Use wisdom. Know your heart so that you will see the differences between needs and wants. Most needs are not material in nature, but material goods are given symbolism to grant the nonmaterial need. In other words, a need for mobilization may be interpreted through a car or an awareness of how to get something accomplished.

No wish of the heart is unheard or ungranted. Knowing your heart will help you see the manifestations you have achieved. The adage of “be careful what you wish for, you might get it” applies here. Stones/crystals can help you see the truth of the manifestation, if you will listen and watch.

A precise guide is “The Complete Guide to Manifesting with Crystals”, by Marina Costelloe.

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Stones/crystals attributed with abilities to offer protection do so from energy embedded within them from lighter sources, earlier lifetimes. A stone/crystal utilizes the universal mode of offering protection, only if asked or if life is threatened at a time when life is not intended to be taken. Invoking a stone for protection is important, but so is asking for that protection when needed. Overuse of protection can result in necessary lessons being hidden from the user. It is important to feel the results of our actions. Remaining behind a shield beyond the immediate need for protection can result in one remaining “stuck” in place on the chosen path. Use protection attributes wisely. Look also to attributes of strength to keep from hiding behind the shield of protection.

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An elixir is a preparation of ‘mineral water’which contains the essence of the energies of the crystalline form with which it is fortified. In order to prepare the energies of a crystal for the assimilation into an elixir, conscious programming is recommended to facilitate enhanced transfer of the special energies desired.

As with any other crystal usage, the lack of communication can result in mixed or less-than-desired outcomes. Communication tells the crystal which of it’s many attributes are sought in a given usage. Beware of taking intentions for granted. Your heart holds many intentions. Let the crystal know exactly which intention you are addressing and which attribute you are seeking.

There are two methods of preparing an elixir. Please note that crystals available in our shoppe which are not best suited for the normal method are noted in the shoppe details.

The normal method for the manufacture of a mineral elixir requires a mineral, distilled water (or other non-polluted liquid), a glass jar or bowl, and patience. The mineral is placed within the liquid within the glass jar; no metal should contact the liquid. The container is then placed in the sun/moon for at least 24 hours, after which the resultant elixir may be consumed.

As water has been shown to be affected by thought/heart intentions and energy directed to it, the importance of clear, positive programming in this procedure is not to be understated.

An enhanced normal method of elixir preparation involves placing the container, containing the mineral and distilled water, in the sun on the day of the full (or new) moon, allowing for the energy transfer to progress during the following seven days. The container is then placed in a dark location for seven days with the placement of seven, of the same minerals of which the elixir is being prepared, surrounding and pointing toward the center of the elixir, if the seven like-minerals are not available, quartz crystals may be substituted. After fourteen days, one ounce of brandy (or other food-grade alcohol) is mixed with the liquid in order to stabilize and maintain the frequencies of the contained energies; this preparation is known as the ‘mother’ elixir. The mother elixir should be stored in glass and in a dark location. It may be consumed via placing 2 – 3 drops under the tongue and/or via drinking a reconstituted liquor (reconstitution is accomplished by placing 2 – 3 drops in one gallon of distilled water).

“An alternative method for preparation of unusual elixirs is to place the mineral within a glass container and to place this container within the distilled water; the remainder of the procedure is the same as described above” for the normal method. “This method alleviates potential of contamination of the elixir by toxic chemicals contained within or upon the mineral and prevents the dissipation of minerals which are soluble in water and/or are very soft.” A reminder that crystals available through our shoppe that need the alternative method for preparing an elixir are identified in the shoppe description.

Please see Love is in the Earth for examples of some united elixir recipes and additional usage ideas. Remember to follow directions carefully.

All quoted passages for this section are from the book, Love Is In The Earth, by Melody, ISBN #O-9628190-3-4. and is used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.

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Numerology & Crystal Energy

Vibrates to the # …

Each crystal/stone resonates with one or more numbers.  Each number is thought to carry its own energy.  By attuning to this energy, one may find assistance with transitions and healing.  Whenever possible, each crystal listing includes which number it vibrates to.  Below is a brief description of each number and what energy it carries.

1 – New beginnings
2 – Cooperation, sensitivity, and relationship
3 – Creative ideas, joyful, happy
4 – Putting down roots, hard work, discipline
5 – Change, unpredictability, risk taking
6 – Domestic matters, family obligations, service
7 – Turning inward, contemplation, spiritual pursuits
8 – Achievement, recognition, business matters
9 – Completion, release, forgiveness, transformation
11* – Spiritual Messenger bringing light to dark places
22* – Master Builder – can manifest thought into form
33* – Master of Healing through Love
44* – Master Spiritual Therapist
55* – Intelligence
66* Creative Power
77* – Christ-Consciousness
88* – Success
99* – Fulfillment

*Master Numbers are not reduced because they carry higher vibrations for greater accomplishments.